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Welcome to the Holdread Studio ...

The Holdread Studio has produced clay artworks in Tucson since 1978 developing custom designed, handmade sculptural tile of stoneware clay with strong landscape, geological and environmental themes. The geological mirrors and geode-like reptile rock boxes are likewise inspired. Joy's current focus, the reptile rock boxes' interiors celebrate water in the desert. She practices glazing techniques that prevent ground water contamination.

Two boxes shown closed...

The same two boxes shown open!

Reptile Rock Boxes include igneous, sandstone, and river stone styles. The interiors are glazed to represent water. Two boxes are shown – closed on the left, open on the right.

Desert Born Vessels use landscape inspired forms and colors, with overlaid or incised designs and perforations.

Footed platters or bowls hold fossil impressions such as trilobites, while lizards and other creatures adorn the tripod feet, or pedestals.

Creamer, slotted sugar, and mug. Wheel-thrown, handled mugs with carved, swirled skies and textured, lizard-studded landscapes, glazed in multiple colors.

Earth Series Mirrors resemble pools in rock. Durable, high fire stoneware frames, backed with wood and ready to hang.

Landscape Post earrings Purple porcelain lizard

On a smaller scale, Holdread produces a line of stoneware jewelry: earrings, pins, and ornaments. She's expanding out to found art jewelry.

Monument Peak 7 South of Havasu

Small Paintings of Western Arizona

3 Sphere Lamp Bullseye Lamp

Collaborations with Lane Patterson

Holdread also offers varied WORKSHOPS for the general public and artists

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Working studio near Grant/Stone, not a showroom or gallery
Please e-mail or phone for appointment and address. allow 24 hours for response.
520-881-8283 Land line, no texting ability.
520-628-8180 Cell, texting ability.